Wereldwijd opererend bedrijf dat software ontwikkelt en implementeert voor haven installaties en containerterminals. We zoeken een senior front end webdeveloper op HBO niveau met tenminste 4 jaar ervaring.

Locatie Regio Rotterdam


CERTUS Port Automation is a leading technology company in innovative automation solutions for container and intermodal terminals worldwide. Headquartered out of Hendrik-Ido Ambacht, Rotterdam, we also have an R&D facility in Israel and partners companies in the USA, Dubai, UAE and Brazil.

Our systems empower marine and railway terminal operators to increase their performance while reducing operating costs. Deployed in over 50+ countries, terminal operators worldwide have successfully optimized their gate, crane and rail processes using our advanced OCR technology, kiosk systems and advanced software.

We thrive on innovation, providing unique business solutions to container and intermodal terminals worldwide. Our work culture is where innovation is expected, hard work is valued, and creativity is rewarded. All this within a no-nonsense organization with diverse disciplines and a great team spirit.

The operation within maritime and intermodal terminals is highly automated. The individual system solutions for terminal operations are accompanied by complex logic, which together result in optimization the use of CHE (container handling equipment), (IT) systems and resources.

CERTUS standard software platform PASS (Port Automation & Security System) is designed as middleware between the various subsystems and a (TOS) Terminal Operating System. The CERTUS PASS system runs on 50+ terminals at 30 ports in 25 countries around the world. For our customers we deliver 24/7 remote and local support on hardware and software.

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Within our location at Hendrik Ido Ambacht (Rotterdam Area) we work with a dedicated team of in total 45 people.


We are looking for a dynamic individual with at least 4 years or more demonstrable experience as a Senior front end web developer and a higher professional education level.

We are looking for someone who is ambitious and professional and can thrive in a challenging environment.

In addition, we are looking for someone who wants to develop himself further and is enthusiastic about expanding and sharing his knowledge. You are someone who has insight and analytical skills and is able to oversee an application in the larger picture. Above all, you have to be someone who also has both feet on the ground and has a pragmatic approach. You have to have a service-oriented attitude, both to the customers and to your colleagues. We also ask for a proactive attitude towards improving our products.

A nice aspect of the function is that you occasionally have the opportunity to visit abroad. This can be an international destination and you go with a colleague consultant and hardware engineer to a customer to test on location and deliver a project. This involves a short stay of one week to 2 weeks and always in good consultation.

Since a lot of communication is in English, you are expected to have a good level of English in word and writing.

Your main task will be to design and implement a greenfield user web interface for our PASS application. We expect you to be able to make recommendations for framework choices. The writing of technical design documents will fall under your tasks too.

It is a web application that will run on-premise for our current customers from security and performance considerations. The technical design of this user interface will have to take into account the security considerations that belong to a cloud-based SaaS / PaaS solution so that we can offer a cloud-based solution. To be able to fill this user interface with data, the developer in combination with the backend developers will also design the backend api’s for this UI.

You will work with:

  • The latest versions of .Net
  • The latest versions of Visual Studio
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microservices (WCF / TCP-IP / REST / SOAP / Web sockets)
  • WPF (MVVM)
  • HTML5 / XML / XSLT / XSD / XPath / WSDL / XHTML / JSON techniques
  • Rabbit MQ
  • NHibernate
  • ReSharper
  • Unit tests
  • TeamCity
  • Git/Bitbucket
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • The web frameworks you recommend


  • At least 4 years of demonstrable experience with programming.
  • Minimum higher professional education level
  • Good level of English language in word and writing

Training and knowledge of the following:

  • AngularJS, Vue.js and/or React
  • .NET / C# / SSL / TLS

Demonstrable experience with implementing complex SPAs (Single Page Applications) with:

  • Live updates (via SignalR and / or WebSockets)
  • A modular structure with on-demand / configuration-based / rights-based loading of the modules.
  • OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect authentication
  • Localization

Training and knowledge of the following issues is a plus:

  • Bachelor of Master in informatics
  • Knowledge of the Maritime and Offshore sector
  • Knowledge of the logistics sector
  • Telerik Kendo UI.
  • RabbitMQ
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • ASP.NET (MVC 5 / WebApi2 )
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Jira


General Corporate competences:

Co-workership: when interacting with colleagues, showing them that you recognize their feelings, attitude and motivation and that you are open for that. Willing to provide your colleagues with advice and action, even when it is not directly in favour of your own proceedings.

Reliability: delivering on promises and accepting its consequences. When you do not succeed, you take the consequences for your own account and eliminate negative consequences for others as good as possible.

Loyalty: to comply with the policy and the interests of the organisation and the group of which you are a part. To support, or at least do no harm to, the position of your own devision in dilemmas where those interests come face to face with others.

Initiative: to seek opportunities and take action thereon. Rather act on your own initiative than to wait passively.


Job Related competences:

Analysis of problems: to analyze a problem and its different components; to describe its origin and the internal coherence. To trace possible causes, to collect relevant data.

Handling details: to show attention for details; to be able to handle detailled information effectively during a long time.

Customer focus: researching the needs and demands of the customer and to show you think and act from that perspective.

Learning orientation: to show interest in new information, to take this in and to practice it effectively. You keep your knowledge concerning your job up to date.

Conceptual thinking: to provide a better insight in problems or situations by thinking of them in a wider spectrum or by linking them with other information.

Communication: to communicate ideas and information in clear and correct language, so that the essence is being understood by others.

Adaptability: continue to act effectively by adapting to changing environments, tasks, responsibilities or people.

Self-dependence: to be able to work effectively during a longer period of time without supervision, where both production and quality remain on level; and whereby, in case of disturbances or deviations, adequate action is provided.


  • 32 – 40 hour working week (4×9 is possible)
  • Annual contract and after good performance a contract for an indefinite period.
  • Market-level salary and the employment conditions of the Collective Labor Agreement for Information, Communication and Office Technology (ICK)
  • Good secondary conditions
  • The Possibility to travel to foreign countries for projects.

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